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Berry, Sauternes and mascarpone trifle

The traditional dessert gets an upgrade with the addition of rich Italian cream cheese and a good-quality sweet wine.



185g fresh raspberries

375g strawberries,

hulled and quartered

375g savoiardi (lady fingers)

525ml Sauternes

75g dark chocolate

For the mascarpone cream

3 egg yolks plus 4 egg whites

120g caster sugar

375g mascarpone cheese

150ml single cream

3-litre trifle bowl


To make the mascarpone cream, use an electric mixer with a whisk attachment and whisk the egg yolks and half the sugar together until light and pale. Add the mascarpone and mix on low speed until just combined.

Whip the cream until soft peaks form, then fold through the mascarpone mixture.

Put the egg whites in a clean bowl and beat until foamy. Add the remaining sugar and beat until soft peaks form, then gently fold into the mascarpone mixture.

Spoon half the mascarpone cream into the trifle bowl.

Mix the berries together and scatter over the mascarpone cream. Dip the savoiardi into the Sauternes, then arrange on top of the strawberries and raspberries.

Spoon the remaining mascarpone cream over the top, cover and refrigerate. To serve, grate the chocolate over the trifle.

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