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Julie Watson

Her career has taken her from South Africa to Dubai. Now head chef at Nourish, Julie shares her vision of health and wellness through food Did you always want to become a chef / restaurateur? In all honesty, it just happened. I have found myself in this industry from the tender...  Read More »

Mauritian MasterChef Shelina Permalloo

This talented chef has come a long way since winning MasterChef UK in 2012; numerous TV and personal appearances, cook books and her own restaurant It was back in 2012 that Shelina Permalloo was finally convinced by her friends and family that she should enter high profile cooking...  Read More »

Gypsy chef

David Myers is a renowned Michelin-starred chef, restaurateur, and TV personality, with host of well-deserved awards and accolades. For many chefs their first experience in the heat of the kitchen can either make or break them. The gruelling hours in a hugely stressful and demanding...  Read More »

Sergio Herman – A Dutch Master

I was so focused on winning Michelin stars; and it was fantastic when I received them! There is a general consensus among chefs that to excel inside the kitchen you need a certain mentality. Coping with long hours in a stressful and heated environment is not for the faint hearted,...  Read More »

Mahmoud Turkmani Head Chef, 7Elephants Dubai

For many great chefs the idea of designing a menu that incorporates seven styles of cuisine would be a daunting prospect. Gaining the knowledge and expertise to balance several types of fare requires no small amount of dedication and plenty of skill. But for chef Mahmoud Turkmani, the opportunity...  Read More »

Ashley Palmer-Watts

Hailing from Dorset in the South of England, Ashley Palmer-Watts joined legendary British chef Heston Blumenthal at the three Michelin-starred Fat Duck in Bray almost two decades ago, rising to Head Chef within just a handful of years. Today his exceptional culinary talents and enthusiasm are...  Read More »

Angela Hartnett

The chef-patron of London’s Michelin-starred Murano tells us how her Italian roots have given her a taste for Sicilian holidays I hate to be one of those people governed by food, but it does make a difference when I’m planning a holiday. My next trip is to Padstow in Cornwall – where you’ve...  Read More »

Sense, Tokyo

Born and raised in Yokohama, chef Toh has a long Chinese heritage with its roots in mainland China. Growing up in Yokohama, where his grandfather and father run a popular Cantonese restaurant, Chef Toh experienced first-hand how popular Chinese cuisine is with Japanese diners; joining the family...  Read More »