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The Pantry

Gorgeous glossy cherries, all jammy and plump with juice, are the little treasures of the fruit bowl. Although there are many different types, flavour wise they fall into two distinct categories: sweet cherries, which can be eaten as is, or the sour-tart variety, such as Morello or Montmorency, which are...  Read More »

Simply the best

When Nick Alvis and Scott Price came up with the concept for the food at Folly by Nick & Scott, the award-winning restaurant that they run in Madinat Jumeirah, they did so with a view to doing something a bit different. Moving away from the now ubiquitous sharing plates concept they instead created...  Read More »

The Pantry

Ah January. A month synonymous with abstinence, thrift and the reigning in of both appetites and budgets after the indulgence of the festive season. This is a time for healthy eating, for turning over a new leaf (while simultaneously consuming plenty of salad leaves) and yet who wants to start the new year...  Read More »

Festive tour

Take a festive eating tour around the world without leaving your kitchen thanks to these traditional drinks, sweet treats and side dishes. Panettone (Italy) Panettone is quite simply the bread of Italian legends. Its origins are spiritedly contested – as the best recipes...  Read More »

Vegetarian masterclass

Fruity couscous with almond milk Ratatouille with poached egg Asparagus, buffalo mozzarella and feta quiche Lentil, mushroom and cashew burgers Bulger wheat, tomato, feta and pomegranate salad Cardamom...  Read More »

The Pantry

We’re making a statement, putting the idea out there and calling an end to tofu being pushed to the side-lines. The much-maligned ingredient is all too often dismissed as being sad, soggy and downright bland. And yet treated the right way, it’s a perfect pillowy-white vehicle for flavour, with a pleasing...  Read More »

Colours of Fall

A selection of delicious recipes inspired by the rich colours of fall Lentil and beetroot salad with mint dressing Roasted vegetables with tahini dressing Roast chicken with sage and chestnuts Pumpkin...  Read More »

The Pantry

Although it might not be the most visually arresting of them all, pomegranate molasses is a cornerstone ingredient in the Middle Eastern store cupboard. Its distinctive tart-sweet flavour adds a fragrant complexity to all manner of classic dishes, from Iranian fesenjan (chicken stew with ground...  Read More »