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Picture of health

If you’re looking to eat well without sacrificing flavour, Dale Pinnock is the chef to follow. Apply his principles and try these perfectly balanced, delicious recipes In recent years it has become more obvious that the food we eat affects our health in a big way. We are witnessing first-hand the extent...  Read More »

The Pantry

At a certain point in most people’s lives, a magical transformation occurs. That blind, unreasoning hatred of spinach – you’ve never tasted it, but you just know you loathe it – is transformed, like a pumpkin at midnight, into a vision of joy and beauty. Okay, that might be overstating things, but...  Read More »

Star quality

Comfort food doesn’t have to mean carbohydrates. With these recipes Marcus Wareing weaves his Michelin magic to create substantial dishes that will keep you full through winter, using the season’s very best produce PUMPKIN SOUP WITH MAPLE-TOASTED SEEDS A true winter warmer. Maximise...  Read More »

The Pantry

Gorgeous glossy cherries, all jammy and plump with juice, are the little treasures of the fruit bowl. Although there are many different types, flavour wise they fall into two distinct categories: sweet cherries, which can be eaten as is, or the sour-tart variety, such as Morello or Montmorency, which are...  Read More »

Simply the best

When Nick Alvis and Scott Price came up with the concept for the food at Folly by Nick & Scott, the award-winning restaurant that they run in Madinat Jumeirah, they did so with a view to doing something a bit different. Moving away from the now ubiquitous sharing plates concept they instead created...  Read More »

The Pantry

Ah January. A month synonymous with abstinence, thrift and the reigning in of both appetites and budgets after the indulgence of the festive season. This is a time for healthy eating, for turning over a new leaf (while simultaneously consuming plenty of salad leaves) and yet who wants to start the new year...  Read More »