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We’re making a statement, putting the idea out there and calling an end to tofu being pushed to the side-lines. The much-maligned ingredient is all too often dismissed as being sad, soggy and downright bland. And yet treated the right way, it’s a perfect pillowy-white vehicle for flavour, with a pleasing...  Read More »

The Pantry

Although it might not be the most visually arresting of them all, pomegranate molasses is a cornerstone ingredient in the Middle Eastern store cupboard. Its distinctive tart-sweet flavour adds a fragrant complexity to all manner of classic dishes, from Iranian fesenjan (chicken stew with ground...  Read More »

The Pantry

It says much that South African Heritage Day – a time dedicated to celebrating the country’s history and cultural diversity – is known colloquially as National Braai Day. It also wouldn’t be considered an exaggeration to state that no braai (Afrikaans for barbecue) is considered truly complete...  Read More »


Mild, sweet and sustainable, the underrated fish that’s big in Spain deserves a place on your table, says Clarissa Hyman Hake always reminds me of a British pop star who tops the charts in Japan or Azerbaijan but remains relatively unknown in their home country. It’s...  Read More »


The monkfish is never going to win any prizes in a Miss Marine Universe competition. It has a face only a mother could love and even then one can imagine mummy monkfish wondering if there was some sort of mix-up in the underwater maternity ward. Still, there is always a silver lining and once...  Read More »

Dover Sole

Simplicity is the key to enjoying one of the sea’s most prestigious inhabitants, says Clarissa Hyman RECIPES AND FOOD STYLING: LINDA TUBBY. PHOTOGRAPHY AND PROP STYLING: ANGELA DUKES Some years ago, there was serious debate in European circles over the term ‘Dover sole’. It’s...  Read More »


After years under threat, these eye-catching and versatile fish are firmly back on the menu, says Clarissa Hyman Readers of a sensitive disposition should move straight over the next paragraph or they might never eat mackerel again, which would be a great loss. For the diner, if...  Read More »


A burst of colour in your kitchen, these Christmas staples are perfect for adding a citrus kick to desserts or a sweet touch to savoury dishes, says Rosemary Barron Christmastime without clementines? It’s unimaginable. On gloomy winter days, a fruit bowl piled high with these...  Read More »


The ocean’s most delightful bounty has won over countless fans with its delicate, sweet flavour, says Clarissa Hyman A scallop shell is arguably the most beautiful object that ever came out of the ocean deep. There is every reason why Botticelli chose it to carry Venus from the...  Read More »


The silver bullets of the sea have shed their oily reputation and embarked on a fresh journey, says Clarissa Hyman Sardines are small but perfectly formed fish that come in electric shades of gunmetal silver, green and blue with delicate, overlapping scales that give them a quilted...  Read More »