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In 6 Stops


Lizzie Frainier puts her best foot fjord in a city bursting with eye-catching architecture and top-quality cuisine If you’re looking to make the most of your money, the back end of April is the best time to visit the Norwegian capital. The city’s room rates stay low in early...  Read More »

New York

Lizzie Frainier treads the snow-covered streets of the city that never sleeps in search of great hotels, food and art 1New York is a great-value January destination, with lower hotel rates and flight prices around the cheapest all year. Opt to stay in the heart of Manhattan at...  Read More »


There are very few places more romantic than the French capital over the festive season, says Lizzie Frainier 1 The City of Light takes on a whole new meaning at Christmas with thousands of illuminated trees dotting the streets, grand illuminations on the Champs Elysées and...  Read More »


As the city celebrates the world’s first Michelin-starred hawkers, Lizzie Frainier finds there’s more than just street eats 1 You can eat like a king for the price of a pauper. Two hawker stalls, Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle,...  Read More »


There’s much more to this city than a heroic outlaw who robs the rich to benefit the poor, says Lizzie Frainier 1 Prepare for festival frenzy – in October there are over 20. Stop by The Nottingham Goose Fair for paella, dance in a Victorian music hall at The Malt Cross Festival...  Read More »

San Diego

Ian Belcher loses his heart to the city’s beaches, historic buildings and a hotel that starred alongside Marilyn Monroe 1 As elsewhere in the US, the city is floating on a wave of craft beer. The Joint on Newport Avenue has 27 on tap, including Rip Current What’s Up pale ale...  Read More »


Ian Belcher sings the praises of the city’s king crabs, Bollywood star hangouts and incredible lunch boxes 1 Prepare for a dazzling riot of seafood. For more than 40 years, Trishna, on one of Kala Ghoda’s labyrinthine lanes, has served lobster 13 ways, 22 different crab dishes...  Read More »


It’s a Bavarian hops hot spot where Ian Belcher devours history while drinking, eating and even sleeping in a brewery 1 As elsewhere in Bavaria, June means alfresco tippling with the opening of Bamberg’s hops gardens. They occupy two hills around the town, with views of spires...  Read More »


Erotic ceramics, gourmet guinea pigs and new direct flights seduce Ian Belcher in Peru’s historic coastal capital 1  Fly from Doha to Lima with Qatar Airways, with flights available every day..qatarairways.com 2 Stay in Hotel B’s elegantly converted Belle...  Read More »

St Petersburg

Pristine sand, a pink wedding cake hotel and Dali artworks await in Florida’s ‘Sunshine City’. 1  Prepare to bend your mind. The waterfront Dali Museum has a torrent of glass bubbling from its roof and leaking down its walls into a molten blob. Inside is an astounding...  Read More »