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German Concerto

We love using a new cultural beacon as an excuse for our next trip. Enter the Elbphilharmonie, a concert hall in Hamburg that combines innovative architecture with top-notch acoustics. Check out the Swing Dance Orchestra on 7 April or listen to the Neue Philharmonie Hamburg on 16 April. The venue will come into...  Read More »

Fizzing across the UK

English sparkling wines are really starting to pop. The past year saw the industry toast record exports, M&S doubled its sales and English cuvées won blind tasting awards against their French counterparts. To celebrate, Best of England is now offering small group tours to vineyards in Sussex, with more to...  Read More »

Stick it and shoot

Put down the selfie stick. Far cooler and much more space efficient is the Podo, a nifty and discreet wireless camera that sticks to just about any surface. It has a reusable micro-adhesive pad, 8GB of memory and weighs just 50g. It’s compact enough to fit in your pocket, plus you can shoot from up to nine...  Read More »

Start your own story

Spend a few days traversing the Devonshire countryside and it’s easy to see why writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie were inspired by its verdant land. With On Foot Holidays’ latest self-guided tour, you’ll walk the downs of Dartmoor to the Dartmouth coast, bedding down in quaint B&Bs...  Read More »

Gallop back in time

For six months from 8 April, discover what daily life was really like for the Roman army working along the full 241km of Hadrian’s Wall. Expect displays of cavalry objects such as ornate helmets and weapons across ten museums, as well as one of the largest Roman cavalry reenactments in the UK. hadrianscavalry.co.uk  Read More → Read More »

Bird’s-eye view

Drones are fast becoming part of everyday life, from delivering your online shopping to tracking traffic. Now you can get an aerial perspective of your holiday with Black Tomato’s new Drone the World concept. Add a drone cameraman to any trip and they will track your adventure from above. Three nights in Iceland...  Read More »

Safari through the lens

If you employ Namibia’s scorched Deadvlei in Sossusvlei as your muse, it’s easy to take the perfect picture. Though on Discover The World’s photo safari, you’ll come away with the skills to take awesome images anywhere. You’ll be accompanied by a top photographer as you go on 4×4 drives and snap...  Read More »

Aria adventure

There are some experiences that never lose their allure. A night at the opera is one. For a musical break, travel by rail on a route that includes a trio of operas (think Verdi’s Don Carlo and Mozart’s Don Giovanni) in five countries. Eight nights from $2,215pp planetrail.co.uk Words by Lizzie Frainier. Photo by  viennaslide.com  Read More → Read More »

Animal Escapades

The Galápagos’s warm January weather makes it the ideal time for a cruise. On a Wild Planet Adventures tour, you’ll be joined by a wildlife expert and learn about the marine iguanas and 200-year-old tortoises that roam the islands. Eight days from $4,375pp. wildplanetadventures.com Words by Lizzie Frainier. Photo...  Read More »