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Simply Seychelles

The Seychelles; palm-fringed white beaches, balmy waters, lush green islands and the warm embrace of a golden sun! Silhouette Island We arrived at Mahé airport, and despite the long flight we were given a tonic by the big-hearted hospitality and genuinely friendly welcome from our driver,...  Read More »

Seven seas of wry

Food and Travel columnist Kevin Pilley takes us for a stroll along Italy’s ‘Strada del Riso’ and follows a centuries old institution Italy’s first and so far only official rice ambassador looked down at my plate, shook his head mournfully and delivered his judgment. “This is not risotto. It is sludge....  Read More »

Seven seas of wry

Photo by Joël Damasse The newest member of the Food and Travel team, columnist Kevin Pilley takes the waters along France’s Route des Villes D’Eaux. The best place to eat in the Auvergne is L’Auberge des Muletiers in Orcines. They have an excellent water list; with some excellent...  Read More »

Cities with beaches

You’ve seen the sights, explored the museums and ticked off all your must-eat restaurants. Now it’s time to relax. Lizzie Frainier has her deckchair ready to show you the way to the beach Dubrovnik Croatia The harder a beach is to access, the more we love it. As a Unesco-listed...  Read More »

Mountain High Inside the Forbidden Kingdom

Ruchika Vyas discovers Bhutan’s love for karaoke, their flavourful cuisine, and what makes the Bhutanese the happiest people on Earth A few steps away lay the entry to a magical country where everyone wears a smile on their face, clean mountain air that sucks you in, and an...  Read More »

Party on! Abu Dhabi

Located between the mangroves and the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, LIV at Yas Beach has finally arrived; this vibrant luxury beach playground is sure to become the centre for Abu Dhabi’s partygoers when it opens its doors on Thursday March 24 with a two-week long opening extravaganza. Located...  Read More »

Maiden Voyage

This year sees more new ships launched than ever before. Gary Buchanan rounds up the vessels setting sail, giving you the top routes to book. Champagne corks at the ready… The cruise industry is evolving, and today more and more passengers are taking to the seas. In Europe the number of passengers...  Read More »


Over the roar of the engines, the rattle of pans shows Le Mans is as much about the chance to dine as it is the cars. In a feat of endurance, Marc Millon eats his way into the night It’s Friday, the day before the start of ‘Les 24’, the legendary French race. We make our way to La Chartre-sur-le-Loir, a quiet market...  Read More »