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Chef Noor Murad

Chef Noor Murad

What I’m cooking with…

Some of the traditional Arabic dishes we’ll be producing include shawarma, saj bread, ghoozi (grilled lamb stuffed with rice, boiled eggs, onions and spices) and mezzeh. We’re also including traditional dishes better known within Bahrain such as machboos rubyan (rice with shrimps), chicken biryani and thareed.

Most of our Ramadan spread is made up of Arabic fusion food, a more modern take on what you’d typically find at a Ramadan buffet. I personally believe that when people go out for Iftar, they’re looking for different foods they wouldn’t necessarily be served at home. Our take on Ramadan is comforting food with a modern twist.

Bushido completely transforms itself during Ramadan. With its souq-themed décor and Arabic fusion foods, you could almost forget that it’s a five-star Japanese restaurant 11 months of the year! We do still offer some of the more popular Asian dishes such as prawn tempura and seaweed salad. We also provide a live-cooking Teppanyaki station, with our chefs cooking up some Teppanyaki dishes with Middle Eastern flavours.

The majority of ingredients used throughout Bushra are Middle Eastern. Our kitchen goes through a complete revamp of ingredients and produce. All of a sudden, sushi rice is replaced with Basmati, Japanese fish with mutton and lamb, Asian condiments with exotic spices. The scents emanating from the kitchen during Bushra are those familiar to a typical Middle Eastern household; so warm and comforting, reminding you of delicious food to come.

It’s quite a fascinating process to watch as our talented chefs shape their skills to a more Middle Eastern approach. Arabic dishes are quite wholesome and homey with a lot of braises and stews; dishes to fill the belly and warm the soul. This is quite a contrast to the light-handed techniques and raw preparations familiar to Japanese cuisine.

At the end of Ramadan, the traditional Bahraini dish eaten on the first or second day of Eid is ghoozi, a whole lamb cooked with rice and spices. It’s quite a feast, and a dish meant to be shared which is what Eid is all about: family, food and the joy of good company.

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