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Firebird Diner

Firebird Diner is our All Day Casual Dining choice for all the right reasons, delivering a chic dining experience and after spending an afternoon talking to Chef Mina, Francesca Jackson thought it would just be too rude not to try the epicurean delights first-hand

Firebird Diner is an homage the iconic American eateries of the 1950s, from award-winning Michelin starred Chef Michael Mina. Encompassing his trademark attention to detail, flair and signature style. The chic interior by acclaimed interior designer Adam Tihany seamlessly takes Firebird Diner from breakfast and business lunches to world-class dinners, cocktails and late-night fare; booths, tables and a diner-style counter set the stage for this sophisticated and luxurious experience; and floor-to-ceiling windows provide stunning views of the Dubai city skyline. Firebird offers a gourmet re-interpretation of great American cuisine, with that deft Michael Mina touch that sets every dish apart. Whether you decide to start your day with a healthy breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal, with spiced maple, brown sugar, fresh berries and mint or perhaps spoil yourself with the rich flavours of “The Elvis” an indulgent take on French Toast that simply oozes excess – thick cut toast, with a sugar crust, steeped in cinnamon custard, spiced peanut butter and topped with caramelized bananas; your taste buds are in for a rare treat.

After an afternoon chatting with Chef Michael and talking about his favourite dishes I was hard pushed to decide what to start with from the inviting dinner menu; however, I knew that the New England Lobster rolls were always going to be sitting in front of me. The delicate flavour of the quenelles, sweet flakes of lobster enveloped with creamy mayonnaise mixed with celery leaves, radish and herbs resting on slices of sweet warm buttered toasted brioche was a perfect start to my Firebird culinary experience. Whilst tempted by some of the more exotic creations on the menu I knew that I simply had to try the Mina signature dish I had been talking about just a short while before – his Classic Patty Melt – the perfectly cooked beef patty, just the tinge of pink in the centre, served in toasted rye bread, with perfectly caramelized onions, soft tasty mushrooms and a sweet green pickle was accompanied with a tower of crispy onion rings and fries to break your heart – just right thickness, crispy gold on the outside to deliver that satisfying crunch and a soft and fluffy middle. I did mean to leave some of my sandwich but … well at least I had good intentions.

Having succumbed to temptation and finishing my mains I was ready with my gracious “sorry but I will have to pass on dessert!” when I saw the table next to me having Molten Chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, cookie crumbs and molten chocolate cake; simply delicious and whilst the spirit was willing I did have to admit defeat half way through.

But it wasn’t just the fine food and chic décor that impresses at Firebird, the attentive and knowledgeable service, led from the top, sets it apart from many other establishments I have tried in the Gulf. If you get the chance, whatever time of day, you really should give Firebird Diner a visit.



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