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Fish by Mat Follas

DOW0041382.   MAT FOLLAS  Photographer Christopher Jones.   20/7A collection of delicious fish and shellfish recipes for the home cook from MasterChef winner Mat Follas.
This collection has been carefully crafted to include both Mat’s versions of the classics, such as Thai Fishcakes or Grilled Tuna Niçoise Salad, as well as an exciting selection of his more creative dishes, including Mackerel Burger with Gooseberry Sauce and Clams with Caper Mayonnaise. With chapters divided into fish type – from Salmon & Tuna to Shellfish & Crustaceans – you can jump straight to a delicious dish for whichever fish you are able to source. Mat shows you how to make the most of the wonderful flavors and textures of each type and advises where you could substitute similar styles of fish in his recipes, so that you can be flexible and imaginative in your cooking. The focus is on home cooking, so you won’t be put off with chef techniques or hard-to-find ingredients, though the dishes that you will create may just be chef worthy! Delectable photography by Steve Painter will tempt you to try every recipe, while stunning shots throughout the book reveal the charming Dorset coastline and the beauty of freshly caught fish. With a section about the sustainability, advice on choosing fish, as well as some basic stocks and soups, this gorgeous recipe book is your indispensable guide to eating, preparing and cooking with fish. Ryland Peters & Small $29

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