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Maya La Chocolaterie

For the true connoisseur of chocolate, luxury confectioner Maya La Chocolaterie has established itself as one of the regions leaders in the art of fine chocolates and sweet treats, skilfully crafted in to a cacophony of rich yet subtle flavours are the hallmark of this fine emporium.

Bahrain-based Maya embodies the elegance and passion of the region; making the finest hand-crafted artisan chocolates, and renowned for its distinctive signature style; a unique brand that combines Belgian classics and distinctive opulent ingredients from the Middle East, Maya seamlessly blends two cultures with its outstanding innovative designs and premium quality. Chocolatier-in-Chief Sonya Janahi has lovingly created a designer-selection of hand-crafted chocolates; with flavours that range from exotic combinations such as saffron, Pistachio & Rosewater and Orange and Coriander to Earl Grey and Pink Peppercorn or more traditional classics such as Fruit & Nut and Dark Ganache to Cookie Crumble and Coffee. The entire Maya team are passionate about chocolate and use only the finest ingredients, importing 3 tonnes of the finest raw Belgian chocolate every month, to Maya’s state-of-the-art facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain, producing over 90 different flavours and types of chocolate, that are exported across the region.

Whether you are buying chocolate to give as that special gift, take home for a naughty treat, or looking for that immediate chocolate high Maya has that chocolate-something-special; so its not hard to imagine how it has established such a loyal following. Treat yourself at one the Maya outlets to an indulgent chocolate fondue – as you dip bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, and mini cup-cakes into a veritable river of the thickest tastiest smooth chocolate you ever tasted. www.maya-la-chocolaterie.com

How to taste chocolate
Tasting chocolate is more tactile than tasting grape. It also makes its own demands. The snap when breaking a square off a bar is a pointer – a brittle texture reflects a smooth mouth-feel. So is the gloss: shiny chocolate has been properly tempered. The smell before it goes in your mouth gives little away. Only when a piece is melting on your tongue does it start to release its potential. The first note that surfaces is the acidity. Breathing out through your nose channels the complex aromas – roasted, spicy, floral, fruity, woody. Bitterness hits the palate last, but is persistent and moreish


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