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Roast red pepper salmorejo



500 gr red, very ripe tomatoes, cut in four.
½ scallion
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
500 gr red peppers
2 slices of stale bread bread
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
4 quail eggs, cooked, peeled and halved
2 slices of good quality ham, torn into little pieces
Pea cress
Bread sticks


Put the tomatoes, scallion, vinegar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. Mix, cover and leave to macerate in the fridge overnight.

Preheat the grill of the oven to 200 °C. Place the whole peppers on a baking tray and put them in the preheated oven until the skins are turning black, about 20 minutes. Place the peppers in a plastic bag to cool down for 10 minutes, and carefully take off the skins. Discard the skins and seeds.

Add the tomato mix, the peppers, the bread and garlic to a blender, together with half a cup of water. Blend on high until the mixture is homogenous and creamy, about 5 minutes. In a thin stream, add a cup of olive oil, as if you were making mayonnaise. Season with salt and black pepper.

Pour the soup into a pitcher and leave in the fridge to cool. Serve ice cold topped with quail eggs, pea cress, pieces of ham, bread sticks and a few more drops of olive oil.


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