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That Riviera touch

Riviera offers an elegant, beach front fine dining experience amidst a chic yet relaxed ambiance

There’s a reason the Mediterranean is known for its romance, its passion, and its ‘joie de vivre’. The combination of great food, excellent grape, and the waves lapping the sandy shore makes for an unforgettable evening; nothing says delicious food like the French Riviera, the vineyards of Italy, or the white-washed shores of Greece. The Mediterranean has always been the place where the love of food and life collide; and the Riviera Seafood Grill at Rixos Premium Dubai celebrates these Mediterranean roots. This elegant beachside dining experience captures the essence of its eponymous name, and the cuisine embraces the best of the Mediterranean.  A palette of washed whites and light blues form the core of a minimalist décor, delivering a sophisticated ambiance and chic style, as you pamper yourself and relax by the azure waters of the Arabian sea as they gently lap upon the pristine white beach.

If you are looking for that somewhere special to enjoy a relaxed meal, a sophisticated business lunch, or a family brunch with that added touch of European flair, then Riviera is for you; not only a designer ambiance but gourmet cuisine too. The friendly and attentive staff show just the right level of service without being obtrusive, which conveys a sense of comfort that instantly makes you feel at home. There is no doubting the tempting array of dishes makes for quite a challenge, as you wrestle over just what to select. What better way to spend a balmy afternoon?

“European flair, a designer ambiance and gourmet cuisine; this elegant beachside dining experience captures the essence of the Mediterranean.”

“The restaurant has distinct personas depending upon what time of day you visit, but the same delicious food.”

After a few delightful cocktails we started our meal with a Spanish classic, Prawn Pil Pil – sweet prawns cooked in white grape, olive oil, lemon and chilli flakes; the delicious flavours combined with just the right amount of heat were perfect, And Scallops Savona – flawlessly cooked char-grilled diver-caught scallops (so easy to overcook), served with a sweetcorn coulis, a wonderful smoked red pepper purée, and perfectly contrasted with crispy kale.

After the starters the mains had quite a lot to live up to and we weren’t disappointed. The red snapper – was firm and moist and the subtle flavour was complemented by a delicate mint sauce. The sea bass was delightful, a hint of smokiness from the grill and the unctuous buttery sauce elevated the taste. And for the hungrier amongst us a half-kilo T-bone steak – which was served exactly as ordered, medium- well with just a hint of pink in the centre. The steak was seasoned well, full of flavour, tender and plated de-boned as requested. An exceptional melt-in-the-mouth treat. Sometimes the sides can leave you wanting, however the risotto was rich and creamy; the assorted vegetables were cooked al dente delivering crunchy fresh flavours and the truffle potato purée was light and creamy providing a flawless pairing for all of the mains.

The advantage of having a lazy afternoon lunch was being able to treat ourselves to some of Riviera’s indulgent desserts. The cheese flan – a classic Spanish flan de queso, was smooth and savoury which was balanced with a light drizzle of a rich caramel tuille; the fluffy bitter sweet dark chocolate mousse was contrasted by the hazelnut glaze; and the almond tart was everything it should be – a crunchy bite followed by an enticing soft centre providing the perfect harmony for the delicate overtones of vanilla ice cream – perfect for sharing!

The restaurant has distinct personas depending upon what time of day you visit, but the same delicious food, a real treat for gourmands and casual diners alike; and one that will not break the bank. Riviera Grill is a must have experience.


Words: Darcey Gibbs.
Images: Sunset Hospitality.

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