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To give someone a raspberry is a delicate, poetic, Jane Austen-esque gesture: to blow them one, however, is something else altogether. It seems curious that the fruit has attracted such a vulgar double meaning, but it is true the raspberry induces both delight and distress. The latter, in food...  Read More »

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Ah January. A month synonymous with abstinence, thrift and the reigning in of both appetites and budgets after the indulgence of the festive season. This is a time for healthy eating, for turning over a new leaf (while simultaneously consuming plenty of salad leaves) and yet who wants to start the new year...  Read More »

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If there’s a cheese that’s synonymous with Christmas – of festivities and feasting, family time and food in abundance – then glorious stilton is surely it. Whether you purchase it by the wheel or wedge, there’s something about this rich, creamy, ever-so-slightly tangy cheese that tastes...  Read More »

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We’re making a statement, putting the idea out there and calling an end to tofu being pushed to the side-lines. The much-maligned ingredient is all too often dismissed as being sad, soggy and downright bland. And yet treated the right way, it’s a perfect pillowy-white vehicle for flavour, with a pleasing...  Read More »

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Although it might not be the most visually arresting of them all, pomegranate molasses is a cornerstone ingredient in the Middle Eastern store cupboard. Its distinctive tart-sweet flavour adds a fragrant complexity to all manner of classic dishes, from Iranian fesenjan (chicken stew with ground...  Read More »

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It says much that South African Heritage Day – a time dedicated to celebrating the country’s history and cultural diversity – is known colloquially as National Braai Day. It also wouldn’t be considered an exaggeration to state that no braai (Afrikaans for barbecue) is considered truly complete...  Read More »


Mild, sweet and sustainable, the underrated fish that’s big in Spain deserves a place on your table, says Clarissa Hyman Hake always reminds me of a British pop star who tops the charts in Japan or Azerbaijan but remains relatively unknown in their home country. It’s...  Read More »


The monkfish is never going to win any prizes in a Miss Marine Universe competition. It has a face only a mother could love and even then one can imagine mummy monkfish wondering if there was some sort of mix-up in the underwater maternity ward. Still, there is always a silver lining and once...  Read More »

Dover Sole

Simplicity is the key to enjoying one of the sea’s most prestigious inhabitants, says Clarissa Hyman RECIPES AND FOOD STYLING: LINDA TUBBY. PHOTOGRAPHY AND PROP STYLING: ANGELA DUKES Some years ago, there was serious debate in European circles over the term ‘Dover sole’. It’s...  Read More »


After years under threat, these eye-catching and versatile fish are firmly back on the menu, says Clarissa Hyman Readers of a sensitive disposition should move straight over the next paragraph or they might never eat mackerel again, which would be a great loss. For the diner, if...  Read More »