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Bleu Blanc Dubai

The tables are stunningly decorated, and the chairs are inviting and comfortable. There is a real homely feel about the restaurant. The open plan kitchen provides diners with the chance to watch the chefs at work. With successful restaurants in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, David Myers is the latest acclaimed...  Read More »

Jean-Luc Vila Executive Chef – Bateel

Vila perfectly understands the need to evolve both the food that is offered and the way in which it is prepared and served For more than a decade Jean-Luc Vila has been carefully crafting the dishes that have transformed Bateel from a small business offering premium dates to a large enterprise consisting...  Read More »

Reza Mahammad – The Spice Prince

A much-loved restaurateur and television personality thanks to his many hit shows such as A Place in France, Coconut Coast and of course the Spice Prince of India. Reza Mahammad never wanted to run his family’s restaurant and he certainly never dreamed that he would carve out a career as a TV chef or as...  Read More »

Food: Living, Loving, Remembering, Writing

For many food is at the heart of not only their family life but also their culture; Anthea Rowan discovers how food, life, passion and the written word have become intertwined Soft, smooth, saffron-yellow dahl scantily salted and proffered on a spoon by her doting ayah: my mother’s first food memory and...  Read More »

Seven seas of wry

Food and Travel columnist Kevin Pilley meets Mumbai’s legendary Dabbawallahs “Babu” has worked with “Hercules” for nearly forty years. They are an inseparable partnership. Despite their growing ricketiness, “Babu” and his “1968 Raleigh Hercules” touring bicycle have together clocked up...  Read More »

A taste of the wild

Enjoy a curated African tour with Sophie Ibbotson, as she takes us on a culinary safari “You ate what?!” The voice screeched from the other end of the phone. I winced, repeated myself, and paused. There was a brief silence, and then: “Did you catch it yourself?” There are many things I’d do in...  Read More »

Paul Bocuse 1926-2018

We pay tribute to culinary genius Chef Paul Bocuse who sadly passed away last month at the age of 91. This favourite son of France; holder of 3 Michelin Stars for over 50 years, The Culinary Institute of America’s Chef of the Century, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and the Légion d’honneur – just some...  Read More »

Sky-high dining

Adrian Back visits At.mosphere Dubai It is now more than six years since At.mosphere was opened on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa to a great deal of fanfare. Billing itself as the highest restaurant in the world and guaranteeing breath-taking views of virtually the entire city, it certainly had...  Read More »

The big breakfast – Nomad Urban Eatery BAHRAIN

The exquisite space and casual atmosphere set the stage for a sophisticated and luxurious experience Start your day in style with a leisurely breakfast with Nomad Urban Eatery, the All Day Casual Dining choice for all the right reasons, delivering a chic dining experience. You will find this culinary...  Read More »

A little of what you fancy

My grandmother lived by the adage ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’; a slice of excellent bread (not the whole loaf); a nip of good brandy (not the bottle); a few squares of the best chocolate (never the bar). The phrase was made famous by a risqué́ music hall performer, Marie Lloyd, towards...  Read More »