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Book Review

The Larousse Book of Bread by Eric Kayser

This step-by-step book of home baking recipes from France’s foremost culinary resource, Larousse, and Parisian master baker Eric Kayser features more than 80 home baking recipes for breads and pastries from two of France’s most trusted authorities. From traditional Boule and Cob and specialty Ryes and Multi-grains,...  Read More »

The River Cottage Australia Cook Book by Paul West

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sowed the seed for a brand new River Cottage – in Australia! Somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney, and nestled between the pristine Sapphire Coast and the imposing Mount Gulaga, lies the beautiful old dairy farm which is now the home of River Cottage Australia, and ‘new Hugh’ Paul...  Read More »

Fish by Mat Follas

A collection of delicious fish and shellfish recipes for the home cook from MasterChef winner Mat Follas.
This collection has been carefully crafted to include both Mat’s versions of the classics, such as Thai Fishcakes or Grilled Tuna Niçoise Salad, as well as an exciting selection of his more creative dishes, including...  Read More »

Foreign Japanese Sweets Reinterpreted by Moe Takemura

Food is gradually becoming more multicultural, and everyday people enjoy foods such as hamburgers, pizza, pasta and curry. Despite this variety, the coffee/tea break snack is still limited to European desserts like cookies and cakes. Why not step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with some delicious and healthy...  Read More »

Genesis by Sebastião Salgado

Imagine turning back the clock and picturing a world without busy cities, technology and modern invention. Photographer Sebastião Salgado has. Working with the Unesco, Salgado travelled the world, from Siberia to the Arctic and beyond, to photograph human life in its most simplistic form, with stunning results. JG. Taschen,...  Read More »